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Dog food

Our varied menus are all designed as complete nutrition. Each variety is equally suitable for every breed and every age. Each can contains all the necessary nutrients from selected, high-quality raw ingredients. You can therefore be sure that your four-legged sweetheart is completely nourished with a XANTARA menu.

We have selected the composition of our foods according to the model of nature.
The digestive tract of our domestic dogs differs only slightly from that of their ancestors, the wolves.


  • 100% natural
    raw materials
  • No
    animal testing
  • High
    meat content
  • Permanent
    quality control
  • Free of synthetic
  • No colorants,
    flavouring or
  • Made in

Breeder's testimonial

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I have been breeding dogs for approx. 20 years, first German Shepherds, and then Australian Shepherds for 12 years. I fed dry food with great conviction in the belief that I was doing the best for my animals until a kind lady taught me better and I tested high-quality meat food. Within a month I noticed significant changes in the coat and the vitality of my breeding animals and was immediately so impressed that from that point on it was essential for me to know that all my puppies were well nourished. From the 5th week onwards they are only fed XANTARA, no more chemically produced puppy milk or porridge. The puppies have a healthy and even growth. None of the animals I supplied ever had any movement problems. As a breeder I feel highly responsible for the healthy future of my puppies. Also any future illnesses would reflect on my breeding and my good reputation. I therefore confidently recommend XANTARA to all my puppy buyers and draw their attention to the importance of a balanced, chemical-free diet for the long-term health of their pet. I only receive satisfactory and healthy feedback.

My approach to puppy feeding:
My puppies are fed with XANTARA from the end of the 4th to the beginning of the 5th week of life. I increase slowly, so first one meal is added, then two and from the 6th to the 7th week, three meals. At the time of hand-over, the puppies receive the amount of XANTARA they will need as adult dogs. The additional nutrients a puppy needs are not supplemented with added vitamins and minerals, but with a much higher amount of food in relation to its body weight. For example, a puppy of 4 kg, which will reach 20 kg when fully grown, will receive 400 g (divided between 3-4 meals) at the age of 8 weeks, the same amount that an adult dog requires.

Best regards Ursula